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An eBook by Patrick Harrity

Astounding Facts on Modern Christian Issues

Spiritual Food for Starved Christians                                                                                                     Jesus is Lord!
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-Buy Meat For Christians eBook for the price of lunch!  On sale for only $7.00!
-This is an eBook which will be downloaded for viewing on your computer or other electronic device.  After purchase, you will be routed to a website for the download. 
-Contact me at if you have any problems downloading.

  • 51% of proceeds will be donated to Christian ministries dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and bringing people to salvation in Christ--a controlling interest for Jesus.
  • The objective is not to profit but to educate Christians and galvanize them into action, and to bring non-Christians to salvation in Christ.
  • This eBook is not copyrighted. Once you have purchased it, feel free to email it to your friends and family.
  • Why an eBook?  They are more easily distributed, stored, copied, revised, shared; they are more interactive, allowing immediate access to referenced hyperlinks; and the author maintains rights and control of content. However, a paperback may be published if there is sufficient interest.

    Glory be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!





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